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"Elevate Your Beverage Menu with Ritsi's Coquito by Ritsiluxe"

You deserve some magic in your life...

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Ritsi's was born in 2017 out of absolute love and passion for food and drink by true foodies. A locally-based operation, we are proud to offer a premium product of Trinidad and Tobago to both locally here in Trinidad and the world alike. Each product is carefully crafted to provide the perfect blend of memorable flavour and satiation, with the goal of creating a magical experience for every customer.

Ritsi's Coquito, our flagship drink, is the drink you didn't know you needed in your life until you've tried it.

We currently produce a range of specialty creme liqueurs which has quickly become a crowd-favourite and we have only just started. We love to see the joy that we can bring to people's faces and appreciate the love and support that each customer has given to us thus far!

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Ritsiluxe Food & Beverage Company Limited.